Selena Rhodin

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Selena Rhodin
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October, 2558

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UNSC Marine Corps


"Marine Selena Rhodin here. Our last known location was circling the Guardian at Samuron. There was a sequence of shockwaves, and then, then we were here, wherever here is. Our Pelican slipspaced in and came under immediate fire. Not many survivors. We'll try to find shelter and gather some supplies from the wreckage. This is a nightmare, over."
— Selena Rhodin

Selena Rhodin was a UNSC marine. She and others were stationed at Samuron in late October of 2558, when a Guardian buried on the planet was awoken.[1] Selena's squad was circling it in a pelican when it jumped to slipspace, so she, along with the rest of them, were carried to Genesis along with it. Their pelican came under immediate fire upon arrival at the planet, and most were killed. Selena and the other survivors planned to find shelter and to gather supplies from the wreckage, but she was killed shortly thereafter. She left a recording of their situation and plans near her body when she died, and this was recovered by Fireteam Osiris when it arrived at the planet.

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