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Muki 'Jahma

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Muki 'Jahma
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October 28, 2558

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Jul 'Mdama's Covenant faction


Sangheili Storm

"The Guardians sounded their mighty call, and tore the stars apart. They brought us here. The ships of believers and heretics alike were flung to the fertile ground, where the survivors engage in a glorious slaughter. Yes, to die here, in the home of the gods, is the highest honor. I cannot wait."
— Muki 'Jahma[1]

Muki 'Jahma was a Sangheili Sangheili Storm in service with Jul 'Mdama's Covenant. He was present for the Battle of Sunaion and was carried to Genesis in the wake of the Guardian making a slipspace jump there. He felt honored to have been given the opportunity to set foot on what he saw as the home of the gods. He was aware of others not loyal to the Covenant that were also brought to Genesis, and was eager to do battle with them before dying.

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