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Michelle Rivera
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Liang-Dortmund Corporation[1]


"Up on a station, everything's white and gray and bland. Some folk are afraid of any place the corners aren't round. Wouldn't dream of living down here, where the ground is ash and glass. Good riddance. Few years' time, kids who come up on Meridian are going to run this system. Bet your life."
— Michelle Rivera, regarding life at Meridian Station[1]

Michelle Rivera is a human employee of the Liang-Dortmund Corporation living on the human Outer Colony of Meridian.[1] She is proud to be living on the moon's surface, and not on a space station above it. She left a personal audio log wherein she expressed her pride and her prediction that kids growing up on Meridian would run the Hestia system someday, which was listened to by Fireteam Osiris when the fireteam was at Meridian Station.

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