Rene Dekas

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Rene Dekas
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October, 2558

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UNSC Marine Corps


"Rene Dekas reporting again. Just had to change location. Those...robot things, came after us hard. We went through the hills and could see Covenant ships getting slipspaced in and crashing all over the place. For now, we're bunkered by some structure. Started moving a little while ago. Don't know why. Don't know if we'd be safer nearby or if we should get away from it. Don't know much. Over."
— Rene Dekas

Rene Dekas was a UNSC marine. Due to the awakening of a Guardian, he and others were inadvertently brought to Genesis. They were attacked by mechanical Prometheans, and thus were forced to retreat through some hills. They took a position at a structure where they bunkered down, but they continued to move, mainly out of indecision as to whether they should stay close to where they already were or seek shelter somewhere else. Before he died, Rene left a recording in which he expressed his lack of understanding concerning everything that was happenning and what they should do. This log was recovered by Fireteam Osiris when it arrived at the planet. [1]

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