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"I found a body in the glass today. Shook me up. Doc Cale said I should talk about it, so here, I'm talking about it. Think I'm done now."
Priya Singh

Cale is a human doctor who worked for the Liang Dortmund Corporation on Meridian.


When Priya Singh was shaken up from the discovery of a body in the glassed moon's surface, Doc Cale recommend that she talk about what she was feeling.[1] Cale survived the Promethean attack on Meridian. Sometime after she took in a technician, Marquez, and Phan who had suffered injuries during the attack. Evelyn Collins showed up later with a sprained ankle. Cale asked her if there was anyone else who had survived. The next day Cale treated Evelyn and discussed what had happened the previous day. Cale and Evelyn decided to scavenge for supplies at Meridian Station finding rations among other things. The next day, Cale and Evelyn argued over preparing for an approaching glass storm and sending out a message for rescue, respectively. Cale did the best she could preparing for the glass storm and the next day argued with Evelyn over making Marquez work on a transceiver while injured. Marquez was able to build a transceiver and soon intercepted Cortana's message to the galaxy from the previous day. Eager to get off Meridian they responded asking for help; soon after they received a response that everything would be "dealt with" in time.[2]

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