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Philip Mistral
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"I should have listened to my brother when he said taking this job was a bad idea. The air is full of tiny glass particles, rip your lungs to shreds, you breathe enough of it. Between the masks and the air filters on every building, I haven't had a breath of unfiltered air in three years. Near the same as living on a space station."
— Philip

Philip Mistral was a drill operator employed by the Liang-Dortmund Corporation. He took the job with the company against the advice of his brother, who told him it was a bad idea. He was sent to the glassed Outer Colony of Meridian and assigned to a team working to rehabilitate the moon. He left recordings of himself wherein he expressed his satisfaction with Hydrostatic gel technology Liang-Dortmund procured from the United Nations Space Command.[1] He also noted that he regretted signing onto the job due to the nature of a working and living environment that wasn't conducive to healthy breathing.

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