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Micah Durbec
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"Cleared deep the other day. Cut through what used to be a forest. Dug through the glass and cracked right into a natural cave formation. Found actual plant life and pools of standing water with little white bugs hopping around in 'em. After working sterile glass for so long, seeing those bugs done me a world of good."
— Micah Durbec, regarding the deglassing of Meridian[1]

Micah Durbec is a human excavator for the Liang-Dortmund Corporation working on the "deglassing" of the human Outer Colony of Meridian.[1] Following the end of the Human-Covenant War, he and other excavators began to reterraform Meridian by mining away at the lechatelierite that covered the moon's surface. He keeps an audio journal where he records his thoughts and feelings, in which on one occasion he expressed elation at finding plant and animal life in a natural cave beneath the glass. He also recorded an incident report on which he expressed his confusion upon the discovery of what was actually Forerunner metal buried beneath Meridian just south of Meridian Station. Both of these audio recordings were found and listened to by Fireteam Osiris when the fireteam visited Meridian Station.

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