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Cham 'Lokeema
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"To spill blood outside of battle is a great dishonor. Words burned into all Sangheili since they were young, and to me. And for a time, I believed. I watched my brothers die around me and never dared give aid. 'Stitching a wound closed brings dishonor, setting a broken bone brings dishonor.' Words of the ignorant who never saw undetonated Needler rounds pulsing beneath a brother's skin. If shame is the price of compassion, so be it."
— Cham 'Lokeema on his status as a medic[1]

Cham 'Lokeema is a Sangheili medic in the service of the Swords of Sanghelios. He broke the old taboo of Sangheili medics being a sign of dishonor, and took great pride in it. In 2558, he made a log narrating how he watched other Sangheili die during the Human-Covenant War and how he did not aid them due to the Sangheili's old beliefs, revealing his thoughts had changed. The log would later be accessed by Fireteam Osiris.[1]


'Lokeema is the only known named Sangheili medic. 'Lokeema's divergence from the ancient taboos, alongside the inclusion of female Sangheili in the ranks of the Swords and the elevated position of Unggoy soldiers reveals how more inclusive and open-minded the Swords of Sanghelios are in comparison to the old Covenant and its other remnants and has revealed how much of a cultural shock has occurred since the end of the war.

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