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Christian Ramsey
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Christian Ramsey was a human smuggler and contraband specialist.[1]


Christian Ramsey was a well-known criminal with several crimes to his name, including smuggling, trespassing and digital currency duplication.[1]

In early 2556, he was contracted by an unknown entity seeking to acquire a null state stasis container, which it intended to use to carry out the terrorist attack on Sedra City later that year. As Ramsey pointed out, most such containers are UNSC property and are limited in number. He ultimately agreed to secure a small box, 10 cubic metres in size, for the client.[1]

Eventually, Christian obtained the container and had sent it on its way to Sedra, along with a map of the sewer and substrate tunnels. He commented that his client had nothing to worry about when collecting the container, claiming that the UNSC had no significant presence on the planet and the Sedran security was a joke. Unbeknownst to Ramsey, his communications were being tracked by Codename: FIXER, an ONI operative.[2]

The map was later found in possession of the smuggler Axl, who brought the biological weapon to Sedra.[3]

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