Halo: Nightfall: The Path of Belief

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Wisner holding Axl at gunpoint

The Path of Belief is a Second Story of Halo: Nightfall's Episode 1: It's Only Just Beginning. It depicts Sedran Colonial Guard Sergeant Samantha Wisner interrogating Axl, the Yonhet smuggler responsible for providing a Sangheili terrorist with a bioweapon.[1]

Halo Channel summary[edit]

Soon after the attack in the Sedran City center, Sergeant Wisner of the Sedran Colonial Guard initiates an interrogation of Axl, demanding answers and swearing vengeance for the colony she is charged to safeguard.


Fade in to a scanning device.

  • Computer: "Evidence number 212-31-YB. Knife."

A weathered knife is placed into an evidence container. The scene fades to black, before fading to an interrogation room. The camera focuses on Samantha Wisner.

  • Man: "Please fill out the log, Sergeant Wisner."

Cut back to an evidence container as a jacket is carefully placed inside of it.

  • Computer: "Evidence number 212-34-CL. Jacket."

Cut back to Wisner as she places a translator headset inside of her ear.

  • Translation computer: "Interpretor online. Hello, Wisner."

Cut back to an evidence container as a satchel is placed inside of it.

  • Computer: "Evidence number 212-83-LK. Satchel."

Cut to Wisner as she enters the interrogation room.

  • Man: "Cell opening, soldier entering, clear!"

Cut to a view from a security camera, showing the back of the Yonhet, Axl. Cut to a metal table as a map of Sedra City is slid into view.

  • Computer: "Evidence number 212-80-GR. Sedra City maps."

Cut back to the interrogation room. Axl is sitting in a chair with his hands cuffed. The sound of the cell door closing is heard.

  • Man: "Cell closing."

Wisner approaches Axl, who looks up at her. She places a bottle of water on the table in front of him. Wisner goes behind him and unties his binds.

  • Samantha Wisner: "You must be thirsty."

Wisner returns to the far side of the table, while Axl massages his wrists.

  • Samantha Wisner: "Go on, drink it."

Axl hesitantly reaches for the bottle, takes the cap off, and begins drinking the water. Wisner smiles and gives him a nod.

  • Samantha Wisner: "Good. You understand me. I'm Sergeant Wisner. I'm here to help you. Understand?"

Note: All of Axl's speech is in a Covenant trade pidgin, translated into English by Wisner's translation software.

  • Axl: "I have papers. All of my documents are in order."
  • Samantha Wisner: "You don't get it. I don't give a damn about any of that. Who you are. Where you can from. But you come to my home. And you kill my people."
  • Axl: "I don't know anything."
  • Samantha Wisner: (sarcastically) "Yeah, of course. You're a wandering innocent."

Axl raises his hands and makes several alien gestures.

  • Samantha Wisner: "You think they give a damn about you? It's their fight, not yours. You die, they won't blink an eye. Is it worth dying for someone else's fight?"
  • Axl: "I am a courier. I don't know anything."

Axl makes several more slight gestures before resting his hands on his lap. Wisner smirks and slowly begins to approach him. Grabbing his shoulder, Wisner pulls out her M4D pistol and presses its barrel against Axl's back.

  • Samantha Wisner: "You're not as smart as I thought you were. Think about what I said, before it's too late."

Wisner begins to leave the room, but stops as Axl begins to speak.

  • Axl: "You have no idea what is coming. Nothing will save you. The Great Journey is real, Wisner. The Great Journey is real. It is real. You can't stop it."



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