Halo: Nightfall: Outbound Cargo - Part 2

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Outbound Cargo - Part 2 is a Second Story of Halo: Nightfall's Episode 3: Lifeboat Rules. It features smuggler Christian Ramsay confirming that he has retrieved a null state stasis container for his contract through a transmission, which is tracked by Codename: FIXER.[1]

Halo Channel summary[edit]

FIXER has intercepted a transmission from Christian Ramsey confirms that the null-state stasis container has indeed been procured. In addition, Ramsey seems quite confident that Sedran Colonial Guard will be ill-equipped to detect its presence or deter its usage.


  • Unidentified speaker: "That will be more than adequate. As long as it is in good working order, with no Hawking or gamma leaks."

Again, only Christian Ramsay's side of the transmission is shown. "Hawking and gamma leaks" are identified as keywords.

  • Christian Ramsay: "Relax. The thing is immaculate, and I will have all the paperwork in place. It's going to show up as freeze-dried produce. Gourmet stuff. Inter-colony quality, part of a pre-existing shipment. So, it's not going to raise any flags."
  • Unidentified speaker: "And the transport arrangements?"
  • Christian Ramsay: "I keep telling you this. Sedra security is a joke. There isn't even a passport check. Nobody cares. There isn't even a proper UNSC deployment here. I bet all you're going to have to worry about is Colonial Guard."

A weapon is detected on Ramsey: an M6C magnum.

  • Unidentified speaker: "Had to ask. It has to go down precisely as planned."
  • Christian Ramsay: "Don't sweat it. It's on its way. I included a hard-copy map of the sewer and substrate tunnels. It's all pretty low-tech stuff. Hell, Sedra is as low-tech as they come. You could do a dance down Main Street with a marching band and not alert the military. No one cares."
  • Unidentified speaker: "But we care. And so does our client. Do not disappoint them. Do not disappoint us."

Now nervous, Ramsay ends the transmission.




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