Halo: Nightfall: Cooperative Protocol

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Cooperative Protocol is a Second Story of Halo: Nightfall's Episode 4: Gods of the Damned. It features a cross-examination of Sedran Colonial Guard forensics expert Silas Kipley by Office of Naval Intelligence operatives, concerning his analysis of the Bactrian-class tug suspected to have been used in the terrorist attack on Sedra City. Interspersed with the interview is helmet cam footage from Kipley's inspection of the impounded tug.[1]

Halo Channel summary[edit]

Cross-examination of SCG Forensic technician Silas Kipley regarding the specifics of the impounded Bactrian-class tug transport suspected in the transportation of biological agent used in attack on Sedra. Details include exposition on the nature of Cooperative Protocol. Further evidence confiscated by ONI agents include helmet-cam footage captured during the Sedran Colonial Guard investigation of the freighter.


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