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ONI: Compliance is a Second Story of Halo: Nightfall's Episode 5: Devil Take the Hindmost.[1] It features a report by Ader Haddak, a member of Sedran Emergency Response Unit 54, on the efforts to establish a quarantine zone in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on Sedra City. Haddak's report is interspersed with footage from his helmet recorder of his confrontation with Rowan Daoud, whom he ultimately had to take to Contamination Reduction Zone Guia by force.

Halo Channel summary[edit]

Report from Sedran Emergency Response agent Ader Haddack [sic] regarding the protocol followed during the initial response to the attack on Sedra. Helmet-cam analysis shows agent Haddack [sic] apprehending Sedran citizen Rowan Daoud in order to escort the potentially infected citizen to quarantine.





Ader Haddak is in the Sedra Colonial Guard Hospital, speaking into a camera.

  • Haddak: Sometimes, following protocol is the least human thing we do.

The video feed cuts out but the audio remains active.

  • Dispatch 29: Dispatch 29 to all available agents, conflicting reports mark it as an environmental disturbance. Take all available precautions.

A beep and a siren are heard.

  • Dispatch 29 (cont.): SEDMED probability is slow to tag down to industrial parks. Until further notice, assume wind shofted a biological agent to any sectors in that vicinity.

The feed powers on, and some diagnostics text is shown on screen. The view switches to a camera view of Ader Haddak's helmet camera. The 12.6.2555 rules of engagement are listed on the side. An adult male human is running away from Haddak.

  • Haddak: Stop moving! Stop!

The man stops and put his hands above his head.

  • Dispatch 1180: We need all available responders to town center.
  • Haddak: Stop moving, sir!

Dispatch 1180 continues to talk over the radio, though her speech is unintelligible over the main characters' talking.

  • Unidentified man: My kids go to school over there.

A notice on Ader's HUD notifies him that radiation has been detected. The man turns around for a brief second, allowing Ader's HUD to begin matching his face to records.

  • Dispatch 1180: A decontamination site has been established on Guia and Risias. Send any bystanders straight to the contamination reduction zone.

The man is identified as Rowan Daoud. The HUD lists his address as 18 North Magnolia Drive, Besali, Mosli 43103-7801, with an outstanding record of no prior arrests.

  • Daoud: I was going to pick up my kids. My wife-
  • Haddak: How far away were you? Sir, I'm going to approach.

Camera cuts back to Ader speaking into the camera at the hospital.

  • Haddak: Dispatch first reported a small seismic event near the epicenter of Ninth and Calsi. That was quickly ruled out when the first responders arrived. Dispatch updated status and alerted SER to the presence of an unknown biological agent. The order was to establish a quarantine zone. By the time I arrived, it has already been established.

Camera cuts back to the camera view from before.

  • Haddak: Answer the question. How far away were you?
  • Daoud: I was about a half-kilometer away.
  • Haddak: Put your arms down. I'm not that kind of soldier. Did you come with anyone else?

Haddak's HUD begins uploading the analysis of the radiation scan.

  • Haddak: We have to get you out of here. This area is highly concentrated. I need to escort you to the quarantine zone.
  • Daoud: I'm not affected.
  • Haddak: I need you to follow my orders, sir.

Camera cuts back to Ader looking at the camera.

  • Haddak: At the Guia decon site, there was no order. It was panic disguised as a plan. Citizens were being improperly tagged as they arrived.

Camera shows footage of the quarantine site while Ader continues speaking.

  • Haddak: Patients were being hastily ferried to Sedran hospitals. Half the exposed were wearing the same clothes. Bins of personal effects were stacking up without label or bagging. There were SER agents, Colonial Guard and ONI milling about. All of them risking contamination, all of them stepping on each other's toes.

Camera cuts back to Ader's helmet cam footage.

  • Daoud: Please. I have to find my kids.
  • Haddak: Dispatch 1180, we need SER agents to go through Arias Metropark, it's on Main and Fourth.
  • Dispatch 1180: Affirmative. Sending all available agents to Main and Fourth. Sweep Arias Metropark.

Haddak's HUD informs him that Daoud has recieved a dosage of 4Gy of radiation.

  • Haddak: We have people that will get your children. They'll meet you at the decon corridor. We'll make sure you're together. Walk in front. We only have a little ways to go.

Camera cuts back to Ader speaking to the camera.

  • Haddak: In hindsight it's clear that most citizens could have been transported to Support Zone Jirada with little or no chance of secondary exposure. Instead, most were transported to contamination reduction zone Guia, sharing gurneys with the infirm. Since we didn't have the luxury of privacy barriers, patients watched while the elderly and seriously exposed writhed in pain.

Camera cuts back to HUD footage.

  • Haddak: How old are your kids?
  • Daoud: Six and eight. Two girls.
  • Haddak: What are their names?

Ader's HUD reminds to stop interaction and get to the quarantine zone, which is 14 minutes' walk away.

  • Daoud: Sarah, Nadia. What about you? What do I call you?
  • Haddak: Ader.
  • Daoud: Ader. When you scanned me with that thing, what did it tell you?
  • Haddak: It told me that we need to make sure you're safe. We're gonna get you back to them.

Camera cuts back to Ader speaking to the camera.

  • Haddak: We discovered that while citizens were irradiated, they didn't share the same symptoms as citizens at ground zero, leading us to believe that the agent has a short half life.

Camera cuts back to Ader's helmet cam footage.

  • Haddak: What does your wife do?
  • Dispatch 1180: SER 54, come in?
  • Haddak: Dispatch go ahead.
  • Dispatch 1180: We had Vasquez, SER 33 go through Argan Metropark. Military must have cleared it out because there's no one there.
  • Daoud: Ask them, did they go through the school?
  • Haddak: Dispatch, did SER 32, Barbar, go through Saidia Elementary?

Camera cuts back to Ader speaking to the camera.

  • Haddak: Even though symptoms were varied by proximity and exposure, radiation levels above three gray were severe enough to cause grave effects in all cases of exposure.

Camera cuts back to Ader's helmet cam footage.

  • Dispatch 1180: Unit 54, Saidia was one of the buildings cleared. All of those children are at Support Zone Jirada.
  • Daoud: Let's go there, ask them where Jirada is.
  • Haddak: I can't do that.
  • Daoud: What do you mean you can't do that? That's why we're here! What kind of soldier are you? Take me to my family!
  • Haddak: If I do that I risk contaminating everyone at Support Zone Jirada. I have to take you to Guia.
  • Daoud: You said I was going to be okay.
  • Haddak: You may be, I don't know. No one does. But I can't risk exposing everyone else. Let's keep going.

Camera cuts back to Ader speaking to the camera.

  • Haddak: This is Ader Haddok, Sedran Emergency Response, Unit 54. 1600 hours, 7th of February, 2556. Twelve exposed and taken to decon site Guia. One taken by force. all exposed exhibited extreme rates of radiation absorpiton, Mortaility rate, fourteen hours. No survivors.

Camera cuts back to Ader's helmet cam footage.

  • Daoud: Ader, I'm not gonna move another foot. Level with me. Am I gonna make it?

Production notes[edit]

In the scenes comprised of footage from his helmet recorder, Ader Haddak's name is misspelled as "Haddack".


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