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ONI: Compliance is a Second Story of Halo: Nightfall's Episode 5: Devil Take the Hindmost.[1] It features a report by Ader Haddak, a member of Sedran Emergency Response Unit 54, on the efforts to establish a quarantine zone in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on Sedra City. Haddak's report is interspersed with footage from his helmet recorder of his confrontation with Rowan Daoud, whom he ultimately had to take to Contamination Reduction Zone Guia by force.

Halo Channel summary[edit]

Report from Sedran Emergency Response agent Ader Haddack [sic] regarding the protocol followed during the initial response to the attack on Sedra. Helmet-cam analysis shows agent Haddack [sic] apprehending Sedran citizen Rowan Daoud in order to escort the potentially infected citizen to quarantine.


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Production notes[edit]

In the scenes comprised of footage from his helmet recorder, Ader Haddak's name is misspelled as "Haddack".


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