Contamination Reduction Zone Guia

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Contamination Reduction Zone Guia, also referred to as Decontamination Zone Guia, was a quarantine zone set up by the Sedra Emergency Response in the aftermath of the Terrorist attack on Sedra City on February 7, 2556. The zone was set up on Guia and Risias in Sedra City.[1] Following the attack, those who had been in the vicinity and exposed to Element 120.V were directed to Guia while other populations were directed to Support Zone Jirada, to ensure that the believed-bioweapon would not be able to spread to uninfected people. Guia would not have the luxury of privacy screens, and afflicted and healthy citizens would share the same gurneys, resulting in in people watching as those affected succumbed to the effects of Element 120.V.[1]

Following the attack, Rowan Daoud was taken to Guia by force, where he would die fourteen hours later.[1]

Following the establishment that Element 120.V was, in fact, not contagious, Ader Haddak would express his regret at how the majority of citizens could have been sent to Jirada with little chance of secondary exposure to the weapon's effects.[1]

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