Ader Haddak

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Ader Haddak
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Sedran Emergency Response


Ader Haddak is a human civilian living on Sedra, and works as part of the Sedra Emergency Response Unit 54.


On February 7th, 2556, a terror attack was launched on Sedra City, in which Element 120.V was dispersed to the city's populace. In the aftermath of the attack, Haddak was a part of the city's emergency response, and was deployed to begin routing civilians to Contamination Reduction Zone Guia. Haddak would come across Rowan Daoud attempting to find his daughters in the Saidia Elementary school, and attempt to take Daoud to Guia as to prevent further spread of the agent. Haddak would, at Daoud's request, request officers to clear the school and make sure Daoud's daughters were safe, but was ultimately forced to take Daoud into custody and bring him back to Guia by force.[1]

At 1600 hours on the same day, Haddak would tape a recording detailing his overview of the events of the day, lamenting that the emergency response to the attack was unorganized and chaotic.[1] Later on at an unknown time, Haddak would give his findings to Noah Caloes, an ONI agent.[2]

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