Sedra Emergency Response

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Sedra Emergency Response (SER) is a Sedran government agency responsible for coordinating disaster management and response. In 2556, SER agents responded to the Sedra City Market in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on Sedra City. Some of the agents were infected by the bioweapon.[1] During the attack, the SER set up Contamination Reduction Zone Guia and Support Zone Jirada to try and help those affected by the weapon and prevent its spread, thought the SER would end up clashing with the Sedran Colonial Guard and ONI personnel also operating at those locations.[2]


SER field personnel had access to some sort of body armour, including a helmet capable of displaying a heads-up display. The HUD of an SER agent was capable of displaying the rules of engagement, analyzing faces and matching them against databases, analyzing posture to determine threat level and automatically calling for backup.[2]

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