Halo: Nightfall: Soldier Within

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Soldier Within is a Second Story of Halo: Nightfall's Episode 2: Sourced From Hell. It depicts the growing tension between Samantha Wisner, part of the Sedran Colonial Guard and ONI's Alistair Estrin and Michael Horrigan in regards to hospitality and hierarchy, during their prep time before the Mission to Alpha Shard.

Halo Channel summary[edit]

Sedran Colonial Guard Samantha Wisner leaves little doubt in what she thinks of Sedra’s relationship with the UNSC, as well as ONI’s current involvement in the investigation on the attack on Sedra.




Cut to Sedran Colonial Guard personnel preparing for departure.

  • Loudspeaker: "All personnel report to the loading compound."

Cut to Samantha Wisner, Alistair Estrin, and Michael Horrigan preparing and checking their respective equipment.

  • Alistair Estrin: "The hospitality has been a bit lacking."
  • Michael Horrigan: "What else did you expect."

Wisner places her M4D pistol on the table. Horrigan notices it and laughs to himself.

  • Michael Horrigan: (mockingly) "What's your weapon of choice."
  • Samantha Wisner: "M4D, standard issue."

Horrigan picks up the pistol and takes aim with it. Horrigan and Estrin laugh.

  • Michael Horrigan: "Standard issue 200 years ago."
  • Alistair Estrin: "From what we've seen, you're probably going to need something a little bigger than that."
  • Samantha Wisner: "It's worked fine for me."
  • Michael Horrigan: "Just make sure you're behind me when I start firin'."

Horrigan pretends to hand the pistol to Wisner, but mockingly grunts and gently places it back on the table.

  • Samantha Wisner: "I'm happy where I'm standing."
  • Michael Horrigan: "You know, this mission would be a lot easier if we didn't have to babysit you along the way."
  • Samantha Wisner: "We were doing just fine before you came barging in."
  • Michael Horrigan: "Well, luckily for you, I joined up to protect all humanity. Even Sedrans."
  • Samantha Wisner: "You joined to play the hero. Same UNSC different day."
  • Alistair Estrin: "Without the UNSC, there would be no Earth."
  • Alistair Estrin: "Well, who do you think paid for the SPARTAN-II program, and created all that tech? Superheroes don't come cheap, you know."
  • Samantha Wisner: "So, where were you when the Covenant attacked the Outer Colonies? Guess we had nothing you needed."
  • Alistair Estrin: "Yeah, well, we're here now."
  • Samantha Wisner: "Yeah. And how welcome do you feel?"
  • Michael Horrigan: (sternly) "You talk to all your superior officers like that in Sedra, Sergeant?"
  • Samantha Wisner: "No... sir!"
  • Michael Horrigan: "We didn't come here to be popular. We came here to do the right thing."

Horrigan picks up his duffel bag of equipment and starts to walk out of the room.

  • Michael Horrigan: "At ease."

Horrigan walks out of the room and Wisner, humiliated, looks at the floor.

  • Alistair Estrin: "Would you believe me if I told you he's the lovable one of the group? Look, I get it. This isn't the first time we've had a run in with the locals, but that's the way it works. We're the ONI, and you—"
  • Samantha Wisner: "I'm a soldier. I'll do anything to protect my homeland, and if that means working with ONI, I'll do it. I'll watch your back, but I'll make sure a Sedran watches mine."
  • Loudspeaker: "Warning: Thirty minutes until departure. The Condor is loading."
  • Samantha Wisner: "Some day you'll leave Sedra, and we'll be the ones to pick up the pieces. And until then, don't expect hospitality. And don't expect us to thank you for something we never wanted."

Wisner picks up her duffel bag and storms out of the room.