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Rhoen Border Security is a Second Story of Halo: Nightfall's Episode 4: Gods of the Damned. It features Sedran Colonial Guard attendant Laban Neir of Rhoen Border Security requesting for assistance at Checkpoint Rhoen. The transmissions Neir sends to his superiors are intercepted by the Office of Naval Intelligence.[1]

Halo Channel summary[edit]

Confiscated manifest from Rhoen Border Security ATC outpost, Sedra. Manifest compiled by Sedran Colonial Guard attendant Laban Neir.



A woman speaks unintelligibly into a radio as a shot of Sedra from orbit is seen. Two D79-TC Pelicans fly towards the planet. The Pelicans fly over a forest on Sedra's surface.

  • Pilot: "No! It's much simpler than that. Even if this was a standard scouting mission, Checkpoint Rhoen is currently managing all planetary access for Sectors Four, Five, and Seven."


  • Pilot: "To top it off, the folks running it are boy scouts. Remember to thank the bureaucrats back home. The fine print of the Trade Alliance gives us carte blanche to access the manifests and effectively become invisible. We'll be on the ground in 30."

The recording is flagged. Cut to a report about Sedran Colonial Guard attendant Laban Neir of Rhoen Border Security.

  • UNSC officer: "Open the door! We are operating within our rights for access."
  • Laban Neir: "Laban Neir, marking this comm as an emergency."
  • UNSC officer: "This is our request. You will comply."

The UNSC officer bangs on the door. Fear is detected in the report. Cut to Laban Neir in the air traffic orbital defense control tower over Sedra.

  • Laban Neir: "Two transports entered our checkpoint approximately 32 minutes ago. They're UNSC Naval Intelligence. They're refusing formal screening and claim an executive autonomy. They're demanding our sensor manifests. Our passive sensors detected weapons and heavy munitions. Weapons! Did you know about this, sir? They're demanding our sensor manifests."

The officer continues to bang on the door.

  • UNSC officer: "Open the door now! This is a violation of Article 3.75 of the Trade Alliance!"
  • Laban Neir: "I'm sending the sensor readings to you now. Get someone up here right away to clear this up."

The transmission is sent, but intercepted by ONI. Cut to another report of Neir's.

  • Laban Neir: "Report number 265-Delta-Charlie. Rhoen Security. It's 1400 hours, January 24th, 2556. Operator Laban Neir."

Cut back to Neir on the space station.

  • Laban Neir: "Today has been a nightmare. We have had eight seizure protocol, one of which yielded highly refined fissile material. It's currently in the lab for testing, and the pilot is in custody. Our border security structure was not set up to take this kind of load. We need more people here, now. We need more equipment. If our initial reports are correct and this is fissile material, stuff that makes bombs... If our borders are not protected, our people are not protected."

Rhoen Security is reported to be running at 30% capacity, and the planet's law enforcement capacity is listed as "low".

  • Laban Neir: "Send more operators right away."

Again, the transmission is flagged and intercepted by ONI. Cut to another report of Neir's.

  • Laban Neir: "Now it's 1800 hours on the dot, February 1st, 2556. Operator Laban Neir."

Cut back to Neir on the space station.

  • Laban Neir: "Pass is coming from Tolen. We got him on line today. The sensors were necessary without the operators. We're in really rough shape. We got a queue stretching right back to Anchor 4. All people wanted to get planet-side. It's taking 12 hours to get through customs, another two for landing clearance. It's a disaster. We got reports of freights and tugs trying to find work-arounds to get into our atmosphere."

A Bactrian-class freighter is shown to the right of the transmission as a suspect vehicle used in the terrorist attack on Sedra City.

  • Laban Neir: "Someone's gonna get on the Sedra soil. Someone we don't want."




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