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This article archives the links of each Canon Fodder for reference on this wiki.

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Below are the links for each Canon Fodder post on Halo Waypoint.

Issue 1: Feet First

Main article: /Feet First

Introducing Canon Fodder, where we aim to take fans along for the wild ride through the ever-expanding Halo universe. We start things off by answering some burning questions from the awesome Halo community!

Issue 2: Blind Jump

Main article: /Blind Jump

September 19, 2552 is a date that holds significant importance for Xbox fans all across the globe. It's a date that marks the beginning of our personal experience with the Master Chief. The moment Installation 04 comes into view and the eventual steps taken onto its surface are hallmarks of not just John-117's introduction to Halo, but ours as well.


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