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"There are points in life when everything changes, and changes in a big way. The old sophistic texts refer to these points as synchrons. Synchrons supposedly tie great forces and personalities together. You can’t predict them and you can’t avoid them. Only rarely can you feel them. They are like knots creeping forward on your string of time. Ultimately, they tie you to the great currents of the universe—bind you a common fate."
Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting describing synchrons

Synchrons was the Forerunner word for theoretical points in time that connected great forces and personalities together.[1][2] Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting felt a synchron connect him to Chakas and Riser when he was preparing to open the Didact's Cryptum.[3]

A hundred thousand years later, the Domain showed the Didact the long-erased memory of his parents' execution for rebelling against the Builders. The Haruspis identified this as a synchron and a defining moment in his life.[4]

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