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The Nov Thasta system,[1] often simply called the Charum Hakkor system,[2] was a planetary system located in the borders of the Milky Way Galaxy. Once the heart of the prehistoric human empire, the system had fifteen planets, three of which were major human colonies, including Charum Hakkor. The rest were mined for ore and volatiles.[3] The Nov Thasta system's blue star was known to be on the extreme edge of the galactic halo. The stars of the galaxy could only be seen in one hemisphere of the night sky, while the other was the blackness of the intergalactic void.[4]


Millions of years ago, Charum Hakkor was inhabited by the long-vanished Precursors, who built a wealth of impressive structures on and around the planet. Later, Charum Hakkor served as the political center of the human-San'Shyuum alliance and was the last human world to fall in the Human-Forerunner War circa 106,445 BCE.[5] In approximately 97,495 BCE, the Nov Thasta system was used as a test site for Installation 07; this was the first test firing of a Halo installation. The effects of the weapon devastated the complex ecosystem on Faun Hakkor and the Precursor structures on neighboring Charum Hakkor. 100,000 years later, the UNSC found detailed environment scans of a Forerunner memorial site, stored on Requiem.[6] Situated in the rings of Sothra Hakkor, it led to the creation of a simulation used by the UNSC Infinity's Spartan-IV complement for War Games training.[7]


  • Charum Hakkor - the only world in the Nov Thasta system with former Precursor activity and the political core of the ancient human empire.
  • Faun Hakkor - another major human colony and origin of the domesticated Pheru.
  • Ben Nauk - one of the three primary human-settled worlds in the system.
  • Sothra Hakkor - orbited by a system of rings, in which the Forerunners constructed a series of monuments after their war with humanity.


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