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Before 107,445 BCE


Likely 97,445 BCE[1]

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"An honor to serve, Didact."
— Sharp's last word to the Ur-Didact.

Sharp-by-Striking, referred to simply as Sharp, was a Forerunner Warrior-Servant.[2]


Sharp-by-Striking was a veteran of the human-Forerunner war, commanding a tactical squadron under the Didact. The Didact regarded him as a decent, if talkative, commander. After the wars, however, Sharp sided with the Master Builder, Faber, in opposing the Didact's shield world strategy and helped convince the Old Council that the shield worlds would not work. He later became one of many Warriors to join the Builder rate, serving in Builder Security.

During the Forerunner-Flood war, he served in several campaigns against the Flood. During the Battle of the Capital, with the Warden's help, he aided Faber in escaping the Capital. Aboard a second-order fast frigate, he was ordered to escape, but before they could, Faber's personal security attacked and killed all but Sharp. Faber exiled Sharp-by-Striking along with the Ur-Didact and several others, all in stasis bubbles, to an abandoned Builder hulk near Uthera Midgeerrd.

Sharp's stasis bubble failed some time before the Didact's, releasing him. When the Didact woke, he was soon encountered by Sharp who informed him that they had been sent into a Burn, a Flood-infested system, without armor or ancillas. Sharp regretted joining the Builders and, wishing to rejoin the Warrior-Servants, offered to help the Ur-Didact again. After a brief conversation with the ship's damaged ancilla, Sharp and the Didact released the other two Forerunners from stasis to see what they knew. One of the Forerunners was a high-ranking female Builder named Maker-of-Moons and the other was Catalog previously assigned to hear her testimony.

Soon after, the ship was intercepted by a double-bow formation of active Precursor star roads and a Flood-controlled fleet. Sharp and Maker chose to leave the ship in stasis bubbles, likely never to be recovered, over being forced to confront the Flood.

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