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after c. 99,445 BCE[1]


Likely 97,445 BCE[2]





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Maker-of-Moons was a high-ranking Forerunner Builder.[3]


She was born around 99,445 BCE to an ancient Builder family responsible for the manufacturing of fast, heavily armed ships. Her father served the Master Builder, Faber, and was directly responsible for the Ur-Didact's original exile. She originally helped in the designs of the Halo Array in the later stages. She was supposed to improve upon the plans, but found numerous faults with the original designs. The twelve original Halos were too large, which made them unwieldy to transport via slipspace portals. While they could shed portions, they were otherwise vulnerable to instability and collapse. She also pointed out several design flaws with the greater Ark, including the inability to make smaller installations. When she was ignored, she resigned in protest.

She was subsequently put on trial by the Juridicals, then still part of the Master Builder's corruption, but her father intervened; however, Faber had Builder Security execute him. When the Master Builder was put on trial not long after, Maker was part of an emergency council of several Builders gathered on Secunda, intending to testify against him in exchange for protection from his minions. However, the meeting was stopped by Faber's personal security. Faber had Maker, along with the Ur-Didact, Sharp-by-Striking, and Catalog, which was intending to take Maker's testimony, all enclosed in stasis bubbles and exiled to a barely functioning old Builder hulk near Uthera Midgeerrd.

Maker was released from stasis significantly later, after the Ur-Didact and Sharp-by-Striking first woke and disabled her and Catalog's stasis bubbles. After being released she spasmed and appeared ill; Sharp inspected her to see if she was infected by the Flood, but found she was not, with the effects instead resulting from her long stasis. She responded with disbelief when she was told she was exiled. She was able to access the ship's system, informing the others that the ancilla was still online but the weapons had been stripped. When a large, unidentified mass appeared approaching the ship, she was able to scan it and identify it as Precursor artifacts. This was soon proven true, with the mass being revealed as a tangled formation of active Precursor star roads. A Flood-controlled fleet also appeared and converged on the ship. Maker and Sharp decided to leave the vessel in stasis bubbles, hoping they would not be detected by the Flood, while Ur-Didact and Catalog remained on the ship. Impressed by the Didact's sacrifice, Maker gave him her armor before abandoning the ship.

Assuming her stasis bubble was not discovered by the Flood or that it did not fail in the intervening years, Maker was most likely killed when the Halo Array was fired in 97,445 BCE, as the Forerunner authorities were unlikely to attempt a rescue deep within the Burn.[2]

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