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Uthera Midgeerrd






Uthera Midgeerrd, referred to simply as Uthera, was a Forerunner planet.[1] Reddish in coloration, it possessed a distinctive, swirling continental formation. Less than a hundred light-years from the galactic border, Uthera was located on the extreme outer reaches of the ecumene.[2]


Uthera was at one time populated with half-renegade Miners and other Forerunners who had abandoned their rates. They were strictly anti-Builder. Several years before the conclusion of the Forerunner-Flood war, Master Builder Faber exiled the Ur-Didact, Sharp-by-Striking, and two other Forerunners to a drifting hulk near Uthera.[2] Some time before this Uthera and the surrounding systems had been infested by the Flood, becoming part of a Burn. The Flood consumed an entire city on the planet, forming a spore mountain of infested biomass 50 kilometers high and 400 kilometers at its base.[3] Uthera was eventually destroyed by a tangle of Precursor star roads, an event witnessed by the Didact and the other Forerunners aboard the space hulk. The constructs looped around, cracked and shrank the planet, destroying it.[4]

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