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Crellum, Janjur Qom

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Needful Maiden

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  • First San'Shyuum immigrant to High Charity after the founding of the Covenant
  • Brought to High Charity to introduce genetic diversity

Lilumna was a San'Shyuum raised on Janjur Qom and the de facto leader of the Needful Maidens.[1] She was recruited by the Prophets of the Covenant to leave her homeworld and live at High Charity, where she would meet new mates and increase genetic diversity among its population.


Lilumna grew up in the village of Crellum of the Reskolah region, after the Stoics conquered the planet following the evacuation of most of Reformists. She eventually grew dissatisfied with her life due to the lack of males in the village, since most were recruited for the military and afterward tended to treat females barbarically.[2] In 850 BCE she was contacted in by hologram by the Prophets of the Covenant, descendants of the original Reformists.[3] Due to the stagnating population aboard High Charity, the Prophets were in need of new females in order to diversify their population again. They thus sent the females on Janjur Qom an offer to leave their homeworld and come with them to a new home in space. Lilumna and a eight other females accepted, and agreed to meet them in secret for extraction off the planet.

At the coastline at Crellum, Lilumna and the other females meet Mken 'Scre'ah'ben, a Prophet who had been sent to retrieve them. Lilumna and the others accompanied him to their starship Vengeful Vitality and, after a brief encounter with Stoics aboard folasteed, managed to make it safely to the ship.[4]

Aboard the Vitality, Lilumna saw Janjur Qom from space for the first time, and began to have second thoughts about leaving. Seeing how large her homeworld was, she considered that there may be other regions on the planet with males less abusive than those of her village.[5] She begged to return to the surface, but Mken talked her out of it, insisting that she had committed to this decision and that she would meet better men at High Charity. Lilumna thus stayed aboard, surviving the Stoics' second attempt to attack the Vitality.[6]

At High Charity, Lilumna was trained by Mken's wife Cresanda in adjusting to her new life in aboard the space colony.[7] Lilumna was at first appalled by the degenerative appearance of many of the Prophets, but came to admire their courtesy and respectful treatment.[8] At some point afterward she took on a mate and had children that diversified the genepool of High Charity.

Personality and traits[edit]

Lilumna was a confident person, and became the assumed leader of the other Maidens due to her assertiveness. She was motivated in part by romance and by curiosity to leave her homeworld, as she wished to both find a kind mate and to see the galaxy above.[9] When the Covenant came she served as a guide to them on the surface, explaining to them of their domesticated ilpdor and folasteeds.

Due to living on a planet with higher gravity than High Charity, Lilumna was fitter than the space-faring San'Shyuum. She wore a robe that was loose on her upper body and tight on her lower, emprinted with ancient symbols of her home Reskolah and of fertility.[10] She thus had some disdain for the weaker San'Shyuum of the Covenant, who had regressed physically by the combination of weaker gravity and inbreeding.

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