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The folasteed were a form of plant life native to Janjur Qom, the San'Shyuum homeworld. They were various species of vegetation, including vines, shrubs, small trees, and other plants, that combined to form steeds under their riders; it appeared as if the riders were sliding along the forest's vegetation. The folasteeds roughly resembled a four-legged animal, with a head and torso. Apparently the result of Stoic gene-forging, the folasteeds were able to attack by using vines to rip victims apart. They gave off screams that sounded like cries of agony. The plants were controlled by the riders, but had the ability to feel threatened and could attack on their own if they deemed it necessary.[1]


Folasteed patrols often kept watch of Stoic villages and cities on Janjur Qom. They are typically brutal towards citizens, and in turn, they were ignored by many San'Shyuum. Some San'Shyuum, such as Lilumna, despised the folasteed so much that they were willing to be taken off-planet by the Reformist San'Shyuum of High Charity.[2]

In 850 BCE, when a Covenant expedition party led by the Prophet of Inner Conviction traveled to Janjur Qom to retrieve Forerunner artifacts and bring Lilumna and like-minded San'Shyuum females to High Charity for mating purposes, the Stoics took notice of the Covenant team's presence and sent out folasteed patrols to eliminate them. While the expedition team recovered a Luminary and the Purifying Vision of the Holy Path at the grotto of the Great Transition, a folasteed patrol discovered their position and waited for them to exit outside the grotto.[3] When Captain Vervum L'kosur and Ranger Loquen 'Nvong attempted to betray the rest of the team, Ranger Vil 'Kthamee attracted the attention of the folasteed by firing in their direction, before locking the two traitors outside the grotto with the patrols. While Vervum was killed, Loquen was captured by the Stoics.[4]

When the patrols left the area, the survivors of the expedition team traveled to the village of Crellum and retrieved the females. Just as the team was approaching their dropship, the folasteed patrols discovered their location and attacked. A firefight broke out between the two groups, and in an attempt to demoralize the Covenant forces, the folasteed ripped Loquen apart in front of them. As the battle continued, more Covenant soldiers were killed or wounded by the folasteed and their riders. However, the ilpdor Erb charged at the folasteed and ripped the riders off of them. Eventually, all the folasteed and their Stoic riders had been killed.[1]

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