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Vil 'Kthamee was a Sangheili Ranger in the early days of the Covenant, following the signing of the Writ of Union.[1]


In 850 BCE, Vil 'Kthamee was part of a Covenant team sent to the San 'Shyuum homeworld of Janjur Qom, on a mission to acquire Stoics female San 'Shyuum, a Luminary called the Purifying Vision of the Holy Path, and return them to High Charity[1]. On landing on the planet, Vil, Inner Conviction, fellow Sangheili Loquen 'Nvong, Huragok Floats Near Ceiling, and the San 'Shyuum captain, Vervum L'kosur went to the Grotto of the Great Transition where the Luminary was said to be. Here a small fight broke out as Vervum and Loquen attempted to kill Vil and Mken after the group obtained the Luminary. Vil and Mken survived this, saved by Floats, as Vervum was killed by Stoics, who had waited outside the cavern, and Loquen fled into the forest.[2]

On returning to the rest of the group with the relic, the team traveled via dropship to the village Crellum. Outside the village, they met the females, their leader, Lilumna, and a tamed Ilpdor. On the way back to the dropship, the group was attacked by a patrol of Stoic Folasteed. Vil and the rest defended themselves, killing the Stoics, but losing Ziln 'Klel.[3]

Once in orbit, Vil would guard the females, later helping them escape to safety when a stoic missile hit the ship while it attempted to leave the system. Vil, alongside Inner Conviction and Trok 'Tanghil, would give a testimony on the mission to the Hierarchs on returning to High Charity. He would later be assigned as Conviction's bodyguard, assistant, and Huragok translator when the prophet led a fleet to the Ussan system to capture Ussa 'Xellus.[4]

Personality and Traits[edit]

Vil was a young warrior and shown to be clever and more astute for a Sangheili at the time. Able to communicate with the Huragok, Floats Near Ceiling, this trait saved his life and that of Inner Conviction. He would also be the one to point out that the Stoics would be unable to get to the Luminary without a Huragok, when the device was thought looted by Vervum. He was shown to be a good judge of character as well, giving his opinion to Conviction that the recently captured Salus 'Crolon, a Ussan Sangheili who claimed to be a loyal Covenant spy, was in fact lying.


Interestingly, Vil 'Kthamee was the only Sangheili to have the classic "ee" at the end of his surname among his fellow rangers.

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