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Loquen 'Nvong
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850 BCE

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Sangheili Ranger


Loquen 'Nvong was a Sangheili Ranger that served the Covenant shortly after the Writ of Union was signed.[1]


Loquen 'Nvong was part of a Covenant team sent on a mission to the San'Shyuum homeworld of Janjur Qom[1]. Here they were to obtain Stoic San'Shyuum females, and a Forerunner Luminary called the Purifying Vision of the Holy Path[2]. On arrival to the planet, he along with fellow Sangheili Vil 'Kthamee, a Huragok, Floats Near Ceiling, the San'Shyuum ship captain Vervum L'kosur, and expedition leader the Prophet of Inner Conviction, made their way to the Grotto of the Great Transition - the location where the Luminary was said to be. While the others searched the interior, Loquen was charged with guarding the entrance.

He would later fall back into the cavern to warn the others of enemies as the team found the Luminary. Moments after it was confirmed as the one they sought, he and Vervum would attempt to betray Vil and Conviction, as part of a plot by the Minister of Anticipatory Security.[3] This would fail as the Huragok would save the two, sealing them in the relic chamber right before the Stoics would enter and attack the team. Loquen would be forced to flee into the forests as Vervum was killed.

He would later be captured by the native San'Shyuum and eventually inform them of where the Covenant team would be next. When the Stoics went to attack the Covenant, Loquen was brought along via vines as a way to scare the rest of the team. He would be torn apart by the vines during the battle and his body thrown at the Covenant forces.[4]

Personality and Traits[edit]

Considered impulsive by his superior, and overly aggressive by Vil 'Kthamee, Loquen was known to have sacrificed other Sangheili for his own personal glory. 'Kthamee would muse that Loquen's act of fleeing the grotto however rather then fighting to the death, revealed that Loquen could also be a coward. This was apparently proven true as he betrayed the rest of the team to the native stoics on being captured.

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