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Reskolah was a region on Janjur Qom, the San'Shyuum homeworld. The grotto of the Great Transition was located in the southeastern edge of the region.[1] The Stoic village of Crellum and a dense jungle was also located in the region.[2] Reskolah was rumored to have contained numerous undiscovered Forerunner relics. Mken 'Scre'ah'ben had studied the area and knew a great deal about Reskolah's topography and history.[1] San'Shyuum females in the region sewn home symbols of Reskolah on their robes.[3]

In 850 BCE, Mken led an expedition to the region for the Ministry of Anticipatory Security, under the orders of the Hierarchs.[1] The team arrived at the grotto and upon retrieving the Forerunner Luminary and a device within the grotto, Mken was betrayed by an agent of the Ministry.[4] However, Stoic warriors attacked the group and killed the traitors, while Mken and the survivors fled.[5] After, the survivors made their way to the village of Crellum to retrieve a group of San'Shyuum females that willingly wished to travel to High Charity—largely due to the lack of young males in southeast Reskolah—to help increase genetic diversity.[6] Although the group was attacked by Stoic soldiers and their folasteed mounts in a jungle in Reskolah, they were able to escape the planet and return to High Charity.[7]

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