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Mleer was a San'Shyuum who served in the Covenant fleet as a dropship gunner during the early years of the Covenant.[1]


In 850 BCE, Mleer was assigned as a gunner to the corvette Vengeful Vitality by the Ministry of Anticipatory Security. Mleer, and the crew of the ship, were to partake in an expedition to Janjur Qom to retrieve a group of Stoic females and a Forerunner Luminary, led by the Prophet of Inner Conviction.[1] Upon arriving at the planet, Mleer and Commander Trok 'Tanghil remained with the dropship in a jungle, while the others retrieved the Luminary.[2] After the survivors returned with the Luminary and the Purifying Vision of the Holy Path, the team took the dropship to the Stoic village of Crellum to retrieve the females. While Mleer again remained with the dropship, Trok and the rest went into the village. After retrieving the females, a firefight broke out between the group and Stoic warriors. After the Stoics were killed, Mleer ventured over to the group to help after witnessing the battle. Trok frustratedly questioned what use Mleer would have been in battle, but the San'Shyuum stated that he was initially reluctant to leave his post. Agreeing with Mleer, Inner Conviction had the gunner help the injured Trok return to the dropship.[3] After returning to the corvette with the females, Inner Conviction had Mleer and Vil 'Kthamee watch over them. As Vengeful Vitality prepared to leave Janjur Qom's orbit, the Stoics damaged the ship with a missile. The hold the females were in began to depressurize, so Mleer and Vil helped the females escape and led them to the bridge of the vessel. However, Mleer accidentally left Burenn behind. Inner Conviction was able to save her, but the Luminary was destroyed in the process. After escaping the planet, Vengeful Vitality returned to High Charity.[4]

Likely at Inner Conviction's request, Mleer and most of the crew of Vengeful Vitality was transferred to the carrier Pledge of Holiness. After Inner Conviction assembled a fleet, the carrier departed for the Ussan system to put an end to the Ussan rebellion. Salus 'Crolon, a former Ussan that defected to the Covenant, was brought to the bridge of the ship by Mleer to be interrogated by Inner Conviction. After questioning 'Crolon, Mleer was ordered to return him to the carrier's bridge and to assign security guards to watch over the convict.[5] After the Refuge was seemingly destroyed, Pledge of Holiness returned to High Charity.[6]

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