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Burenn was a San'Shyuum Stoic who was recruited by the Covenant to leave Janjur Qom and live on High Charity.[1]


Burenn grew up in the village of Crellum of the Reskolah region, along with her sister Lilumna, after the Stoics conquered the planet following the evacuation of most of Reformists. When she was young, she came across an ilpdor that was starving due to the lack of fish; the ilpdor did not eat her on sight only because of its smaller size. She fed the ilpdor the meat and cheese of a garfren and bonded with it, and she soon named it Erb. The "partnership" formed between the two allowed Burenn to catch more fish by training the ilpdor to drive the remaining fish from the lake into nets. The female San'Shyuum of Crellum provided Erb with food, while the ilpdor scared away hostile raiders or threats to the village.[1]

She eventually grew dissatisfied with her life due to the lack of males in the village, since most were recruited for the military and afterwards tended to treat females barbarically.[2] In 850 BCE, Burenn and Lilumna received a message from the San'Shyuum of High Charity that invited them to live a life of luxury on the Covenant holy city. The two sisters and seven other females accepted the offer,[3] and Burenn made arrangements for her mother to take care of Erb in her absence.[4] A Covenant expedition party, led by the Prophet of Inner Conviction, traveled to Janjur Qom and met with the Stoic females. While Lilumna traveled with the Covenant San'Shyuum and Sangheili to the dropship, Burenn and the other seven San'Shyuum rode atop of Erb. When they had nearly arrived at the transport, the party was attacked by Stoic soldiers and their folasteed mounts. As a firefight ensured, Burenn remained on top of Erb as the rest of the females took cover. She commandeered the ilpdor into battle and managed to kill several Stoic soldiers. However, Erb was unfortunately killed, and Burenn just managed to jump off the animal before she was crushed.[1]

After the firefight had finished, the party reached their dropship and traveled to the Covenant corvette Vengeful Vitality in Janjur Qom's orbit. As the corvette prepared to leave the system, the vessel was struck by a Stoic missile. Burenn was injured by the attack, and had hit her head hard against the ship. Mleer and Vil 'Kthamee helped extract the females away from the damaged part of the ship, taking them to the crew's quarters. However, Burenn was trapped in the same compartment as Inner Conviction as the door had randomly closed before she could make it to safety. Reluctantly, the Prophet saved Burenn and brought her to safety, but the Luminary the Covenant troops had recovered earlier was sucked out of the ship and burned up in the planet's atmosphere. The damaged ship then returned to High Charity.[5]

At High Charity, Burenn, Lilumna, and the others were trained by the Prophet of Inner Conviction's wife Cresanda in adjusting to her new life aboard the Covenant holy city. Burenn was at first appalled by the degenerative appearance of many of the Prophets, but came to admire their courtesy and respectful treatment.[6] At some point afterward she took on a mate and had children that diversified the genepool of High Charity.

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