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Qom Yaekesh system
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The Qom Yaekesh system was the home star system of the San'Shyuum. It bore a resemblance to the human star system of Sol. Its yellow star was orbited by an outer rocky planet, four outer gas giants and three inner rocky planets, of which two were inhabited by the San'Shyuum, one being the homeworld Janjur Qom.[1] One of the worlds in this system was named Salosur Qom.[2]


Early in their history, the San'Shyuum depleted the natural resources of their system's Oort cloud to supply their early starships with fuel.[3]

Following the collapse of the Human-San'Shyuum alliance at the end of the Human-Forerunner wars, the system was placed under a quarantine shield, monitored by the Forerunner warship Deep Reverence. The shield extended four hundred million kilometers from the system's star and only encompassed the system's inner planets. Although the San'Shyuum were not allowed to leave the system, they were permitted to travel between Janjur Qom and their other world. Their third inner planet served as a storage depot for outdated stockpiled Forerunner weapons. Over the course of time, the San'Shyuum were allowed to visit the Forerunner commander, the Confirmer, and help perform maintenance around Deep Reverence.[4] The Forerunners constructed several semi-automated maintenance stations, staffed mainly by Huragok, on the moons of the system's outer gas giants.[1]

The San'Shyuum maintain[5] that in 648 BCE, the system's star collapsed in on itself, destroying Janjur Qom.[6]

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