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Pledge of Holiness
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850 BCE

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Mken 'Scre'ah'ben




Pledge of Holiness was a Covenant carrier in service with the Covenant fleet. The Prophet of Inner Conviction commanded the carrier during the Rending, while Commander Trok 'Tanghil served as acting Shipmaster. Most of the vessel's chief crew members were transferred from Vengeful Vitality at the request of Inner Conviction, after the corvette was heavily damaged at Janjur Qom.[1]


In 850 BCE, the Prophet of Inner Conviction was given command of Pledge of Holiness by the Hierarchs in order to take control of the Refuge and to eliminate the Ussan insurgents.[2] After assembling a sizable fleet, the carrier and its fleet departed for the Ussan system.[3] Upon arriving in system several day cycles later, the fleet moved into position over the shield world. Sangheili Salus 'Crolon, an Ussan who attempted to defect to the Covenant, was brought to the bridge of the carrier to be interrogated by Inner Conviction. After the interrogation, Inner Conviction was conflicted on how to defeat the Ussans; he was unwilling to destroy the shield world and did not want to fight an enemy that was knowledgeable in a foreign and strange environment. Ultimately, the Prophet attempted to convince Ussa 'Xellus to surrender. Using Pledge of Holiness' communications systems, Inner Conviction contacted 'Xellus from his personal quarters on the ship.[1] The Sangheili refused to surrender, and Inner Conviction refused to withdraw the fleet, and so Pledge of Holiness and other vessels in the fleet deployed soldiers to the shield world's surface.[4]

While the Ussans were able to hold their own, the Covenant fleet prepared to deploy an overwhelming battalion of ground forces. However, 'Xellus contacted Inner Conviction on the carrier and warned him that he was about to destroy the shield world. The Prophet ordered the fleet to distance themselves from the shield world as 'Xellus activated its Disassembler process. The shield world was seemingly destroyed and large pieces of debris were spinning uncontrollably towards the fleet. After Pledge of Holiness and the fleet took evasive actions to avoid the debris, Pledge of Holiness began monitoring the remains of the shield world for survivors. While Inner Conviction noticed odd movements in the debris field, he chose to ignore it and ordered for the fleet to return to High Charity.[5]

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