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Scorinn was a Sangheili Ussan and one of the first individuals to inhabit the Refuge. She was the mate of Gmezza the Limper.[1]


Scorinn was a member of a clan with females that have a strong "protector-of-eggs" tradition, with females being unorthodoxly independent from the clan's males. The females in the clan believed that they could become strong warriors, but never discussed the topic with the males.[1] Scorinn was Lnur 'Mol's aunt, and she acted as a second mother to her.[2]

After Ussa 'Xellus warned his keep to not trust the newly formed Covenant in 851 BCE, Covenant attack fighters razed the keep. Ussa led the survivors to the Nwari region, before he departed for Shield World 0673 with his allies and other like-minded Sangheili—including Scorinn and her clan. On the shield world, now called the Refuge, the Ussans intended to grow and strike back against the Covenant.[3] In 850 BCE, Scorinn and Gmezza were confronted by Salus 'Crolon and 'Drem. The latter two attempted to convince Scorinn and her mate to join them in a rebellion against Ussa, though they were reluctant to consider. Before the four could discuss the topic further, 'Drem spotted Lnur and Tersa 'Gunok spying on them from above. 'Drem gave chase, but the two managed to escape.[1]

Lnur and Tersa were reluctant to report what they saw to Ussa, because Lnur did not want Scorinn to get executed for conspiracy. However, 'Crolon and 'Drem falsely reported to Ussa that it was Lnur and Tersa that were attempting to initiate a rebellion, although Scorinn and Gmezza were not mentioned by the two. When Tersa revealed to Ussa that it was 'Crolon and 'Drem that had attempted to convince Scorinn and Gmezza to join their insurgency, Ernicka the Scar-Maker had a guard send for the two.[4] Once the entire group involved in the conspiracy was brought before Ussa, Scorinn and Gmezza claimed that they had no intent to commit treason, but did admit that they had their doubts about Ussa's plans. Enduring Bias provided recorded evidence that 'Crolon and 'Drem were plotting against Ussa, and they were arrested and executed, respectively. Afterwards, Ussa told Scorinn and the others to trust him, and warned Scorinn and Gmezza to be careful about what they say in the future. Ussa then told the group to disperse so he could speak to Bias, alone.[5]

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