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Lnur 'Mol was a Sangheili Ussan and one of the first individuals to inhabit the Refuge.[1]


Early life and rebellion[edit]

Lnur 'Mol was born to a clan with females that have a strong "protector-of-eggs" tradition, with females being unorthodoxly independent from the clan's males. The females in the clan believed that they could become strong warriors, but never discussed the topic with the males.[2] Lnur was trained by her mother in combat to protect her home and the eggs, like most Sangheili females. Both of her siblings went into weapon repair and design, leading Lnur to gain a fascination with weaponry.[1] Scorinn was Lnur's aunt, and acted as a second mother to her.[3]

After Ussa 'Xellus warned his keep to not trust the newly formed Covenant in 851 BCE, Covenant attack fighters razed the keep. Ussa led the survivors to the Nwari region, before he departed for the Refuge with his allies and other like-minded Sangheili—including Lnur and her clan. On the shield world, now called the Refuge, the Ussans intended to grow and strike back against the Covenant.[4] In 850 BCE, Lnur delivered foodstuffs to the five Sangheili repairing burnblades in the workshop, including Ernicka the Scar-Maker, Tersa 'Gunok, and Salus 'Crolon. She struck up a conversation with Tersa, and he allowed her to test a burnblade on the synthetic-wood San'Shyuum practice targets. 'Crolon approached the two and reprimanded Lnur for not knowing her place. Angered, Tersa challenged 'Crolon to either apologize or duel. 'Crolon declined both options and left the room. As Ernicka ordered Tersa to return to work, Tersa and Lnur agreed to be friends.[1]

Caught in a conspiracy[edit]

Some time later, Lnur and Tersa were walking together in Ussa's Garden when they heard a group of Sangheili speaking nearby. The two eavesdropped on the conversation and discovered 'Crolon and 'Drem attempting to convince Scorinn and her mate Gmezza to join them in their rebellion against Ussa. However, 'Drem spotted the pair and he and 'Crolon gave chase. As they attempted to escape, Lnur nearly slipped off the cliff, but she was saved by Tersa. As they ran, Lnur grabbed a large tree branch and clubbed 'Drem with it over the head, as he attempted to kill them with a blade. Succeeding in dazing 'Drem, the two managed to escape, although they contemplated killing 'Drem.[2] Although the two knew they should have reported what the heard to Ussa or Ernicka, they were reluctant to do so. Lnur was afraid of getting Scorinn possibly executed for treason, and Tersa believed that 'Crolon and 'Drem would use their seniority statuses to shift the blame on Tersa and Lnur.[3]

Shortly after the incident occurred, 'Crolon and 'Drem falsely reported to Ussa that Tersa and Lnur had been planning a rebellion against him and had attempted to murder 'Drem for allegedly knowing too much. Ernicka approached the two and brought them to the Hall of Strategy to be put on trial before Ussa. Once they were before Ussa, they explained that 'Crolon and 'Drem were lying. Lnur and Tersa also explained why they had not reported 'Crolon's and 'Drem's wrongdoings earlier. At Tersa's suggestion, Ussa had monitor Enduring Bias, Gmezza, Scorinn, 'Crolon, and 'Drem all brought before the court.[3] When the five appeared before the court, Enduring Bias provided footage of 'Crolon and 'Drem plotting against Ussa. Ussa ordered their arrest, though 'Drem was killed by Ernicka when he attempted to escape. Following the trial, Ussa sent the other four Sangheili to go about their business so he could talk with Bias alone.[5]

Later life[edit]

Later, when a Covenant fleet arrived at the Refuge, Ussa had Enduring Bias activate the shield world's Disassembler process in order to trick the Covenant into believing the world was destroyed. As the Refuge went through the process, Lnur survived aboard one of the several freight movers that was carrying the hundreds of Ussans. In the freight mover, she conversed with the nearby Tersa, Ussa, Ernicka, Bias, and Sooln 'Xellus. Lnur conversed with Enduring Bias and asked him questions about the process. She noted to Ussa that Bias was beginning to sound off, but Ussa told her that the monitor would recuperate and they would all survive. After the process was complete and the Covenant had left, the Ussans continued to inhabit the habitable sections of the Refuge.[6] Lnur would later be remembered by Ussans as late as 2552, as the warrior mate of Tersa. Three-dimensional images of Lnur and Tersa were placed in a sculpture garden within the Hall of Godminds in Section Five of the Refuge.[7]

Personality and traits[edit]

Lnur was independent and bold. Unlike most female Sangheili, she was very well versed in combat and weaponry. Tersa noted that her refusal to be "cowed by ancient gender roles" was one of her oddly attractive qualities. He also admired her for her slender figure and perfectly symmetrical jaw arrangement.[1]

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