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Sooln 'Xellus was Sangheili rebellion leader Ussa 'Xellus' mate during the early years of the Covenant. She expressed much distaste for the Writ of Union and traveled with her mate to unite the Sangheili against the San'Shyuum.[1]


Early life[edit]

During the San'Shyuum-Sangheili War, Sooln's mate, Ussa 'Xellus, participated in the war. Her first-born son, Ossis 'Xellus, died in battle presumably during the San'Shyuum-Sangheili War.[2]

Rebellion against the Covenant[edit]

In 851 BCE, Sooln was forced to flee the state of Xellus with her mate, Ussa 'Xellus, and any surviving Sangheili after Xellus keep was attacked by Covenant fighters due to Ussa openly opposing the San'Shyuum and the newly formed Covenant. Sooln and her clan fled to the Nwari region at Sanghelios' southern pole. After fortifying a base of operations in a dormant volcano in Nwari, Ussa and Sooln travelled to the Sangheili mining colony of Creck to recruit new members into their resistance. The first day was unsuccessful. While returning to Ussa's ship, Clan's Blade, at a spaceport, Sooln noticed an elderly Sangheili following them. However, the Sangheili was slow and unable to keep up, so Sooln did not call him to attention. The next day, the two attempted to recruit followers in the mines of the colony, but with no success. Sooln and Ussa returned to Clan's Blade to leave Creck, but encountered the elderly Sangheili, 'Crecka, waiting for them at their ship. 'Crecka convinced the two that he wished to serve with them and claimed to know of a Forerunner shield world, that Ussa and his insurgents could use as refuge. Intrigued, Ussa and Sooln had 'Crecka lead them to the world.[1]

The three travelled to the shield world and entered its interior. After landing, they explored the world's artificial ecosystem until they encountered Shield World 0673's monitor, Enduring Bias. The monitor agreed to allow the Sangheili to live on the world in refuge, as long as they informed it of their intentions. The Sangheili were able to convince the monitor and Ussa returned to Nwari, Sanghelios to transport the rest of his allies to the shield world.[1]

Life on the Refuge[edit]

As the Sangheili settled on the shield world, Ussa, Sooln, and Ernicka the Scar-Maker formed a loose triumvirate of leaders to govern the Sangheili of the shield world—the Ussans. Sooln established a bond with Enduring Bias and often engaged in long conversations with the monitor.[3] During one of these conversations, Enduring Bias revealed the shield world's Disassembler capabilities; the shield world was capable of breaking apart and imitating an explosion, while remaining habitable. Sooln reported her discovery to Ussa while the two were walking together in Ussa's Garden, which was promptly backed up by Bias. While the monitor was demonstrating the Disassembler process through holography, he confirmed that there was a 49% chance that the process would lead to the destruction of all organisms on the world. The two Sangheili hoped that they rest of the Ussans would not find out, to prevent them from living in fear.[4] Sooln had repaired some of the Bias' broken processes, causing Bias to become very loyal to her.[5]

Later, Enduring Bias unintentionally incriminated Sooln and Ussa after a conversation he had with Tersa 'Gunok, Salus 'Crolon, and 'Drem. He informed the three that Sooln had helped reprogram some of his failing processes and that he was loyal to anyone that programmed him. After he learned that the San'Shyuum had connections to the Huragok from Sooln, Bias stated that he would accept the presence of San'Shyuum on the world, as he believed that they would bring along Huragok to fully repair Bias. 'Crolon and 'Drem jumped to the conclusion that Sooln and Ussa were actually conspiring with the San'Shyuum, and began plotting against him.[5] Ultimately, for treason against Ussa, 'Crolon was arrested and 'Drem was executed when he attempted to escape.[6] The next day, Sooln learned that 'Crolon had escaped and she informed Ussa in his quarters. Ussa, Sooln, and Bias raced to the ship hangar and arrived just as 'Crolon left the planet in Clan's Blade. Fearing that 'Crolon would bring the coordinates of the shield world to the Covenant, Sooln reluctantly suggested that the Ussans could flee. Ussa considered the possibility, but instead prepared for the possible arrival of a Covenant fleet.[7]

When the Covenant fleet did inevitably arrive at the shield world, after capturing 'Crolon and taking the coordinates for the Refuge from Clan's Blade, Ussa personally informed Sooln and told her that he intended to activate the world's Disassembler process. Sooln, Ussa, Bias, and Ernicka later conferred in the Strategy Hall. They decided to attempt to negotiate with the Covenant before initiating the Disassembler process. Ussa spoke with the Prophet of Inner Conviction, a San'Shyuum he had battled against during the San'Shyuum-Sangheili War. Inner Conviction gave Ussa an offer: if Ussa and Sooln turned themselves in, the rest of the Ussans will be free to live on Sanghelios. Realizing that his people would still likely be killed, Ussa declined the Prophet's offer.[8] As the Covenant military invaded the shield world, Ussa chose to activate the Disassembler process.[9] When the Covenant fleet saw that the shield world was apparently destroyed, they left the system. However, Sooln and the other Ussans indeed survived the Disassembler process by taking shelter in numerous freight movers and the Ussans eventually resettled on the fragmented, habitable sections of the Refuge.[10]


At some point, statues of Sooln with Ussa were erected within the Hall of Godminds in Section Five of the Refuge, including a sculptural garden featured three-dimensional images of Sooln. Other sculptures of the pair's closest allies and son were placed nearby. Sooln, Ussa, and their friends were remembered as heroes throughout the Refuge for centuries.[11] In 2553, the memorials of Sooln and Ussa had been vandalized by the rebels of the 'Greftus Faction, which saddened Enduring Bias.[12]

Personality and traits[edit]

Sooln was wise and considered slightly arrogant and bold for a female Sangheili, however Ussa 'Xellus described her as delicate and petite. She was regarded as a highly intelligent and analytical individual that was especially talented in the field of science.[1] She was more active in the technological and scientific field than most female Sangheili.[13] Most of the Ussans respected her, but they did not have full confidence in her; the Sangheili's patriarchal culture led to Sangheili becoming unwilling to fully trust a female in a leadership position. However, Sooln's talent with technology and science led to Ussa deferring to her. Sooln was particularly fascinated with Enduring Bias, the monitor of The Refuge. She was curious to learn the information he held.[3] Sooln learned to trust Enduring Bias, and became very confident in his loyalty.

Sooln had some degree of interest in art, and she was responsible for creating the symbol that represented the Ussans and The Refuge. She painted the symbol behind Ussa's throne in the Strategy Hall.[14] Ussa admired the way Sooln poetically expressed herself and it was one of her qualities that endured her to him.[4] Sooln despised the Covenant, believing that the Sangheili were surrendering to the San'Shyuum.[1]

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