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Ais is an elderly T'vaoan Kig-Yar in the post-Human-Covenant War era. She is the mother of Shipmistress Chol Von and grandmother of her grandsons, Hiiq, Kij, Gon, and Laik.[1]


Ais lived on the asteroid colony of T'vao, where she raised her daughter, Chol. She had regurgitated food for Chol to eat until she first molted her feathery down.

In 2553, Ais visited Chol's home in Myur City to watch over her grandchildren, seeing as Chol was leaving to attend a Kig-Yar meeting and her mate Vek had gone off to find tantalum deposits on Reynes, something both Chon Vol and Ais felt was cowardly. She advised Chol not to bother teaching Laik delayed gratification, and instead told her to just toughen him up. Ais had also hoped Chol would abandon her plans of creating a united Kig-Yar navy, believing that the Kig-Yar didn't need political organization. After Chol fed Laik for displaying patience, she left Ais in charge of the children and went to attend the Kig-Yar gathering on Dal'koth.[2]

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