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New Tyne, Venezia

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Venezian Militia

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Small arms expert


Gareth is an arms dealer and a member of the Venezian Militia.[1]


In 2553, he met Vasily Beloi and Naomi-010, who were undercover and investigating Venezia's black markets. They sold Gareth an MA5B assault rifle at his warehouse. Gareth took notice of Naomi and thought she bore a resemblance to Staffan Sentzke.

At a later time, Vaz and Malcolm Geffen infiltrated the Venezian militia and met with Gareth inside the militia's complex. There Nairn and Gareth had them put their UNSC background to the test at their firing range. Gareth halted the demonstration upon seeing them expertly use both human and Covenant weapons.[2]

When Vaz and Mal were suspected of being spies, they were ambushed by Sentzke and the militia. Gareth was charged with interrogating Mal at the Stuttgart armory. While Mal was handcuffed, Gareth attempted to extract his neural implant using a power drill. When Gareth stood over him, Mal immediately snapped his head back into Gareth's face. Both men crashed to ground, at which point Mal managed to sink his teeth deep into Gareth's forearm. Gareth shrieked and upon yelling, Nairn came in and pulled Gareth to his feet. Gareth stated he would kill Mal and asked Nairn to hand him a disinfectant for his mangled arm. Staffan Sentzke then arrived and ordered Gareth and Nairn to leave the room.[3]

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