Vakara GesmbH

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Vakara GesmbH
Icon image of Vakara GesmbH's logo, used in Halo Infinite.
Organizational information


Major role(s):

Arms manufacturer

Major product(s):

Military hardware


Vakara GesmbH is a human weapons manufacturer active during the 25th century.


Vakara GesembH were one of the largest military hardware contractors in human space for centuries throughout the Colonial Era, and served as one of the primary contractors for the Colonial Military Authority. In this role, Vakara provided a huge array of equipment ranging from tactical drones to small arms to materiel used to construct prefabricated bases. They continued to provide materiel to CMA forces throughout the Insurrection conflict, though suffered greatly due to the CMA's later downfall. This, combined with losses incurred during the Human-Covenant War, saw Vakara near bankruptcy - only surviving due to a series of critical investments. As such, Vakara has been able to survive into the 26th century, with their VK78 tactical rifle having been updated for use by the UNSC Marine Corps in the Created conflict.[1]


Vakara were responsible for creating the VK78 Commando, and as of 2495, supplying it to Colonial Military Authority forces to replace the older HMG-38 heavy machine guns. By 2559, their Commando rifles were still employed by the United Nations Space Command armed forces.[2] They also manufacture tactical drones and prefabricated firebase components.[1]


  • The name of the company strongly suggests that it originates from Germany. "GesmbH" (or more commonly, "GmbH") is an abbreviation for "Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung," which in German corporate law refers to a limited company, and translates to "company with limited liability."
  • "Vakara" is a Latvian word meaning "Evening". In several Sanskrit languages, "Vakara" translates as "Honor" or "Dignity".


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