UNSC Bum Rush

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Looking for the UNSC operation during the Battle of Mombasa?
UNSC Bum Rush
Production information


UNSC stealth corvette[1][2][3]

Service information

Participated battles:

Operation: TREBUCHET[1]


United Nations Space Command


UNSC Bum Rush is a UNSC stealth corvette that participated in Operation: TREBUCHET.[1]


On June 16, 2524 during Operation: TREBUCHET, Bum Rush was a Tactical Operations Center with communication and command facilities for the Battalion of Marines fighting Insurrectionists on Tribute.[1]

Explanation of name[edit]

The word Bum Rush has been defined as "the action of getting rid of someone who is not wanted," an appropriate appellation for a vessel involved in Operation: TREBUCHET.


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