M808B2 Sun Devil

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M808B2 Air Defence System
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Twin-linked 40mm autocannons[Note 1]


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Human-Covenant War



UNSC Armed Forces


The M808B2 Air Defense System, also known as the M808B2 "Sun Devil", is a a modified variant of the M808B Scorpion main battle tank.[2]


Design details[edit]

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The Sun Devil is built on a slightly modified Scorpion tank hull, and uses a full-rotation turret fitted with four twin-linked 40mm autocannons.[3][4][Note 1] The Sun Devil's threat tracking and targeting systems make it extremely effective at attacking Covenant aircraft such as the Banshee.[5]


While ostensibly an anti-aircraft vehicle, the Sun Devil was used in anti-personnel role throughout the insurrection years, and proved to be very effective in clearing Covenant light infantry from contested points during the Human-Covenant War.[1][2]

Production notes[edit]

The concept of an anti-air Scorpion was first considered in early preproduction for Halo 2 - with early design documentation referencing the idea of an anti-air Scorpion.[6] The vehicle was later brought into the Halo universe with the release of the Halo Encyclopedia - which may have based the description on the intended Halo 2 vehicle similar to the Warthog variants similarly-cut from the game.[3] The vehicle was first-realised in visual form with the 2016 release of Halo: Ground Command.


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