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United Republic of North America, Earth


Boston is a city in the United Republic of North America on Earth.



By the 26th-century, two Office of Naval Intelligence bases were present in or near the city. These included Chawla Base[1] and ONI's branch HQ on Rainja Avenue.[2] As well, there was a barber in Beacon Hill that Durga recommended to Rani Sobeck.[3]


Government and society[edit]

Boston had its own emergency services, Boston Emergency. The city also had its own library, the Boston Public Library which contained the AI Pallas Athena.[4] A train provided service between Harvard Square and Manhattan Station with no stops in between.[5]


One tourist activity in the city is scuba tours of a pre-late 2552 subway tunnel.[6]

Known residents[edit]


In 2552, Chawla Base was infiltrated by a small group of individuals. The infiltration eventually ends with an M808 Scorpion MBT being used to blast open an escape route for the team.[6]

In 2558, Benjamin Giraud met with Petra Janecek at a pub in Boston, before meeting with Michael Sullivan at ONI's branch HQ.[2]

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