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"So, do we have cheerleaders?"
— Jersey[1]

Team Jersey refers to the companionship between civilian Jersey Morelli and the rogue AI Durga. The latter came up with the name on her own and adamantly refused for it to be called "Team Durga",[1] perhaps reflecting the relationship between an AI and their Captain. She later expanded it to include her "crew",[2] a group of people she spied on and to whom she developed personal attachment.

Team members[edit]

"I take care of my people."
— Durga


Team Jersey began when, after the UNSC Apocalypso crashed, Durga inadvertently sent herself to Jersey's home computer and developed an attachment to him while fulfilling the role of an automated personal assistant and maternal figure. She simultaneously started spying on Kamal Zaman because she subconsciously recognized him as her brain donor's brother. She started spying on Jan James at Jersey's request because he was attracted to her, and Durga learned Jan was a Spartan 1.1. She later started spying on ONI analyst Rani Sobeck when Rani started looking into matters related to the Apocalypso.

Durga specifically observed and became emotionally attaced to Jan, Kamal, and Rani. When gangster Thin Kinkle abducted and tortured Jan, she secretly helped Jan's mother Gilly rescue her but did not develop a similar connection to Gilly. A week later, Durga had Jersey reveal their spying activities to Jan. To gain her loyalty, Durga assisted Jan, Gilly, and Gladys Wilson in assaulting Kinkle's base of operations Crystal Security and take revenge.

After determining that a Forerunner artifact being kept by ONI's Chawla Base was a threat, Durga assembled all the members of Team Jersey to launch a raid to deactivate the device before its countdown triggered "something bad." Though ONI shot Jan and arrested Rani, the raid itself was successful. A week after that, the AI posed as a lawyer named Ms. Durga to have Rani released. When the Covenant began invading Earth, she sent Jersey's mother and Rani's cousin to secure facilities to ride out the attack. The future of the group is unknown.

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