Assault on Crystal Security

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This article contains information of dubious canonicity. While not officially established as fully non-canonical, certain aspects of the subject may not be part of the official Halo canon.


Fall of Reach


Battle for Earth

Assault on Crystal Security


September 2552[1]


Crystal Security, United Republic of North America, Earth


James victory

  • Thin Kinkle assassinated.
  • Numerous gangsters presumed arrested by police

James family

Crystal Security


Janissary James

Monster Ann




The Assault on Crystal Security was conducted by Janissary James, along with family and her ally Durga, in order to get revenge on gangster Thin Kinkle, who had murdered her father. Kinkle was apparently residing at Crystal Security warehouse, the front where his boss Monster Ann worked.


  • Jan arranges for a cop who owed her a favor to give them a 20 minute period to work without police intervention.[2]
  • They enter the warehouse. Gladys separates to secure the second floor. Jan patches Durga into the network.[3]
  • 16- minutes left - Jan and Gilly advance. A grunt engages them in combat; Gilly kills him.
  • Jan orders Gilly that only Kinkle be killed,[4] but Gladys kills someone upstairs before Jan can radio her.[5]
  • A thug attacks Jan and Gilly. Gilly gets him to surrender.[6]
  • Gladys secures the second level. Unfit for taking prisoners, Gilly and Jan convince the guy to join the Navy;[7] Durga enlists him.[8]
  • Gladys secures the roof. Durga reports that Kinkle and Monster Ann are below them in the basement.[8] Gladys rejoins them.[9]
  • 3 minutes, 12 seconds left[9] - Jan realizes the gangsters could bottleneck them in the stairwell, and comes up with a plan to blow a hole in the floor.[10]
  • The plan is a success. They jump down the hole and hold Kinkle and Monster Ann at gunpoint.[11]
  • Monster Ann tries to sell out Kinkle in exchange for her own safety. Jan becomes uncertain how to proceed. Gilly tries to persuade Jan not to become a killer, much to Kinkle's encouragement.[12] As Jan collapses in tears, Gilly kills both gangsters.[13]