Raid on Chawla Base

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Raid on Chawla Base




October, 2552


Chawla Base, Boston


Artifact successfully disabled


Team Jersey

Chawla Base security





Numerous soldiers





The Raid on Chawla Base was conducted by Team Jersey, a vigilante group lead by rogue AI Durga.


The ONI military base Chawla was storing a Forerunner artifact believed by the group to be broadcasting a long-range countdown timer. Because the electromagnetic pulse of the artifact activating was powerful enough to knock out the Solar System's communications for over seven seconds, they concluded that the risk was too great to allow the countdown to complete, and so launched an operation to sneak into the base and deactivate the artifact.


  • Jan, Jersey, Kamal, and Rani enter Chawla in the guise of soldiers.[1] They park in the civilian parking lot,[2] and approach telecom shack #4. While Jan distracts the guard,[3] Kamal and Jersey open a hole in the firewall to allow Durga to send a copy of herself into the base's servers.[4]
  • They enter Building 41[5] declaring a security sweep and that all personnel exit the building. Private Dorkin challenges their authority, but Rani uses her keen observational skills and Major Standish impersonation to scare him away.[6] Durga locks the door behind them.
  • They discover that the clean room lab is not connected to the intercom and several techs are still inside. The lab also uses a separate server Durga cannot access, forcing the humans to deactivate the artifact for her. Furthermore, the lab is filled with deadly argon, and only Jersey has experience wearing a vacsuit.[7]
  • Kamal helps Jersey dress in the vacsuit locker attached to the airlock,[8] while Jan stays in the observation bay.[9] Rani sees someone with authority inspecting the front door and goes to distract them.[10]
  • Jersey enters the lab, and the techs pay him no mind.[11] Meanwhile, the people outside the door get frustrated and consider using a grenade to blast it open.[12]
  • The techs realize Jersey doesn't belong, and pull their guns. Jan holds her breath and enters the lab, engaging the techs. However, a tech shoots her in the chest before she disables them all.[13] She exits so Kamal can treat her.[14]
  • Kamal dresses the wound, but Jan refuses painkillers.[15] Jersey deactivates the countdown, causing the artifact to send out one more massive EMP. As soon as Jersey exits the lab, Durga is sent into a state of insanity[16] as the part of herself that was sent to 2004 by the last pulse rejoins her.[17]
  • Soldiers blast the door open and arrest Rani,[18] but she warns them that 'the terrorists' mined the building, so they progress no further.[19] Durga psychotically threatens everyone, believing that they are trying to illegally access her data.[20] Kamal realizes that the personality of his deceased sister Yasmine, whose mind Durga was made from, has also been awakened by the EMP.[21]
  • Kamal and Jersey talk down the schizophrenic AI, and get her thinking rationally.[22] Durga assesses the situation and determines that they must create a new exit, so she remotely controls an M808 Scorpion MBT to blast a hole in the wall, through which they escape.[23]
  • Although Rani is left behind, Durga impersonates a lawyer[24] and gets her released the following week.[25]


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