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Brothers of Unending Ire


Korth, also known as Korth the Wrender, was a Jiralhanae warrior who at one point served within the Brothers of Unending Ire.[1]


Korth the Wrender served in a command role within the Brothers of Unending Ire in the early 2550s. Korth's most notable subordinate was Arthoc, a Jiralhanae who would lead the Brothers of Unending Ire in nearly four dozen documented assaults on human colonial sites. The most noteworthy of these attacks was a vicious ambush on Terceira that claimed the lives of three full squads of UNSC Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. The Brothers of Unending Ire would go on to join the Banished, but the status of Korth by this time is unkwown.[1]

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