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Lance of the Writhing Star




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The Lance of the Writhing Star are a clan of Jiralhanae and a constituent of the Banished alliance.[1][2]


Second Ark Conflict[edit]

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Forces of the Lance of the Writhing Star were a part of the expeditionary force assembled by Atriox and brought to the Ark aboard the Syfon-pattern assault carrier, Enduring Conviction. By mid-2559, a force of Writhing Star warriors led by Zeretus were ordered to investigate the resting site of the Supernal Spiral-class keyship, Anodyne Spirit - with the aims of securing a slipspace crystal to open a slipspace portal back into the Milky Way.[3]

During the raid, the forces encountered a contingent of remnant Covenant loyalist troops led by the Prelate, Dhas Bhasvod. A skirmish erupted and caused the group considerable losses, though they were able to escape with their objectives achieved.[3]

Zeta Halo[edit]

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With their successful (albeit costly) mission at Anodyne Spirit achieved, Captain Zeretus was chosen by Atriox to accompany him to Reach as a part of the Exodus Guard, and later on Zeta Halo.[4] During the Battle for Zeta Halo, Zeretus would meet his end at the hands of the Master Chief.[5]


The Lance of the Writhing Star are divided into a number of subordinate units including at least three combat elements and their constituent packs.[2]


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