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A timelock[1][2][3] is a temporal stasis field in which the passage of time is brought to a standstill through sophisticated higher-dimensional manipulation. Both the Forerunners and prehistoric San'Shyuum possessed timelocking technology. Prehistoric humans placed a form of timelock—a piece of ancient San'Shyuum technology also known as a time bolt—on the Primordial's prison beneath Charum Hakkor's arena to prevent it from escaping. According to the Didact, this measure was almost as effective as Forerunner technology.[4]

The Forerunners had an advanced grasp of slipspace bubbles and used variations of the timelock concept for a number of purposes. One of these was the slipspace field pod, a stasis pod capable of suspending its occupants in time.[5] Forerunner Durances were traditionally timelocked after the last impressions of a deceased Forerunner were enclosed within.[6] The Forerunners were also capable of creating reverse timelock fields, in which time passed at a vastly more rapid pace than within normal space. The IsoDidact used a prison cage containing a reverse timelock to execute the Primordial on Installation 07, forcing the being to disintegrate via the process of entropy through the artificially-induced passage of a billion years.[7]


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