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This article is about the Precursor technology. For the Forerunner stasis field pods, see Slipspace field pod.

A stasis capsule was a piece of Precursor technology designed to hold subjects in a state of stasis.[1] Like all Precursor technology, it functioned on the premise of neural physics.[2]

One such capsule, containing the ancient being known as the Primordial in deep hibernation, was buried deep within a desolate asteroid at the galaxy's edges around 9,000,000 BCE.[3] This capsule and the being within was discovered and excavated by Yprin Yprikushma's science team around 106,538 BCE. The early humans transported the capsule and the captive within to their capital of Charum Hakkor, where they proceeded to study the creature, which claimed to be the last Precursor. The humans even developed a device to communicate with the being.[1] The humans later encased the capsule in a timelock as a further precautionary measure.[4] The capsule was destroyed when the Forerunners tested Halo Installation 07 at Charum Hakkor. However, the Primordial survived and was transported to the ring under Master Builder Faber's orders.[5]

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