Yprin Yprikushma

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Yprin Yprikushma
Forerunners and Ancient Humanity on Earth.
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C. 106,445 BCE

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Prehistoric human civilization


Political and Morale Commander


Yprin Yprikushma was a key figure of the prehistoric spacefaring human empire. By the human-Forerunner wars, she held the rank of Political and Morale Commander.[1]


Nothing is known about Yprin Yprikushma's early life, it is unknown when she was born and who she was born to, as well as where within the human empire she was born.

Yprikushma and her science team discovered the ancient being known as the Primordial buried within a desolate planet at the edges of the galaxy 40 years before the last major conflict with the Forerunners. She recognized the entity's scientific potential as a biological artifact and brought it to Charum Hakkor in a stasis capsule for study and questioning.[1] According to Yprikushma, the information gained from the Primordial saved billions of human lives in humanity's conflict with the Flood; however, her sworn opponent, Forthencho, disputed this, claiming it was the humans themselves who came up with the "solution" to the Flood and arguing that the Primordial caused the downfall of humanity's civilization by gravely demoralizing them.[2]

Yprikushma also traced humanity's origins to Erde-Tyrene, a source of much dispute to the ancient humans, as humanity had lost most of their records during a technological dark age in their ancient past. Others, such as Forthencho, believed humanity's origins to be elsewhere, having witnessed ruins built by humans on many other worlds and even witnessing the Forerunners themselves showing interest in humanity's origins. Regardless of the opposition, Yprikushma's discovery of humanity's likely true homeworld granted her the lofty status she held during the war with the Forerunners. In addition, it was her idea to analyze Forerunner technology and tactics gained from humanity's early conflicts with the Forerunners - technology that bought humanity decades of time against the numerically overwhelming and technologically superior Forerunner military.[1]

During the final battle of Charum Hakkor, she commanded a special force group of 7,000 warriors and 70 ships, tasked with defending the Charum Hakkor arena, the site of the Primordial's timelock.[3] The overwhelming final assault led by the Didact himself eventually broke through Charum Hakkor's defenses and humanity's remaining forces were forced to surrender. Despite knowing her impending execution, she had hoped to warn the Forerunners about the Flood in order to ensure the safety for the rest of the galaxy.[4]

Yprikushma's consciousness was extracted by a Composer in Citadel Charum and archived at the behest of the Librarian. Nine thousand years later, the Librarian imprinted Yprikushma's archived personality into the genetic material of a Florian known as Riser as part of a geas. Some time after awakening within Riser after he had landed on Installation 07, she "reunited" with Forthencho, whose personality was in turn carried by another human, Chakas. The two ancient figures started arguing with one and other as soon as they introduced themselves through Chakas and Riser.[5]

After Riser and Chakas were captured by Mendicant Bias, the rampant Contender-class ancilla in control of Installation 07, Yprikushma's imprint was removed from Riser and placed into a monitor shell; the same procedure was done to many other humans who also carried archived human memories. Mendicant Bias promised the ancient humans revenge on the Forerunners, if their former carriers cooperated with it in saving the Halo from an impending collision with a planet. Yprikushma and Riser evidently complied, and were taken to a control station to interface with the Halo's controls. What became of Yprin Yprikushma after the IsoDidact captured Installation 07 is unknown and she was never mentioned again. Her geas' fate is unknown.[6]

Physical description[edit]

When represented by a holographic projection, Yprikushma was described as "blocky-looking" and "stout as a bull".[6]


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